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I've Never Been as Enthusiastic About Something as I Am This $16 White Button-Down

Pop Sugar 2020-08-15 02:15:03

You'll have to forgive me. Ordinarily, I like to set the tone by providing you with a nice intro before diving into a product review, but I'm still coming down from a high after seeing what this stain-free white button-down from Old Navy ($16, originally $30) could do, and so I have to jump right into it. It's a freaking miracle worker!

I'd been wanting to get a crisp white button-down to wear with biker shorts for a minute, and I decided on the Relaxed Classic Clean-Slate Shirt ($16, originally $30), because who doesn't want clothing that basically cleans itself? The shirt is made with a clean-slate technology that repels stains and spills, and I had to try it out. It passed with flying colors! Up ahead, see how it fits and how it held up to coffee, of all things.