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Renault Duster turbo with petrol engine is going to be introduced in the Indian market, the starting price is so

The India Print 2020-08-17 21:33:10

New Delhi: Vehicle company Renault India on Monday introduced a new model of its SUV Duster . It has a 1.3 liter turbo petrol engine. Its showroom is priced between Rs 10.49 lakh and Rs 13.59 lakh. The company said in a statement that the manual model of the 1.3 liter turbo engine is priced at Rs 10.49 lakh, Rs 11.39 lakh and Rs 11.99 lakh. The automatic model is priced at Rs 12.99 lakh and Rs 13.59 lakh.

The company said that the current 1.5 liter engine capacity of the Duster will also be available in the market. It is priced between Rs 8.59 lakh and Rs 9.99 lakh. The company has not introduced any diesel model for the Duster. Renault India Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Venkataram Mamilapalle said that this new model of Duster will start a new story in the Indian market.