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Revealed: Riya contacted spiritual guru by searching name on Google, got Sushant's treatment of depression

The India Print 2020-08-17 21:59:08

 Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide case is constantly causing shocking revelations. So far all the revelations that have taken place in the case, most of them include Riya Chakraborty's name. Now recently the statement of Thane based spiritual guru Mohan Sadashiv Joshi has come out. In which he told that in 2019, Riya told him that Sushant is in depression and after that he met Sushant for two consecutive days.

Recently, Sadashiv Joshi told during a media interaction that he met Sushant twice at the Corner-Stone Residence. On 22 and 23 November, he met Sushant and blessed him. 23 November He received a call from Riya, in which he said that Sushant is very good. After that the three of us had lunch together.

Joshi met Joshi on Google said that people of depression search me on Google, Riya also searched me on Google. Riya told me that Sushant is in depression. Joshi says that when he met Sushant, he was in depression and after treatment he was 90 percent cured.

Joshi said that he was called by the Bandra police for questioning but he could not go there due to angiography. But I told the police that whatever I did, they are on record. I can send you

According to Joshi, he was the late industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani before Sushant, former Karnataka Chief Minister N.K. Dharam Singh and former Governor of Madhya Pradesh Balram Jakhar have treated many people.
Let me tell you that there were reports that a tantric used to worship in the house of Sushant. Riya also called Tantrik several times for recitation in the name of Sushant. It was also said that the tantrik used to come to Sushant's house two to three times a month.

Let me tell you that Riya has been questioned many times in Sushant Singh Suicide Case. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has questioned Riya twice. Riya has also made many shocking revelations during this period. Apart from Riya, the Directorate has questioned many people including his father Indrajit, brother Shovik, Sushant's sister Meetu.