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Sonu Sood got law student's knee treated, girl's father told god

The India Print 2020-08-17 22:05:00

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood continues to be an angel for the masses. Every day, Sonu is helping someone or the other. Whoever brings the hope of help from them does not disappoint him and puts forth a helping hand. Sonu has helped many needy people. Recently Sonu has helped Pragya, a girl hailing from Uttar Pradesh. Pragya has been in bed for 6 months. Due to his accident, both his knees were hurt. After which she could not walk. But after Sonu's help, Pragya is able to walk again. The actor has given Pragya a new life. Pragya's family is blessing Sonu Sood.

Pragya is a student of law, she tried to contact some leaders but no result. Then in the first week of August, he tweeted to Sonu Sood and asked for help. After this Sonu talks to the doctor and Pragya is called to Delhi. He underwent a successful surgery in Ghaziabad on 12 August.

The girl's father Vijay Mishra, a priest in Gorakhpur, said that he can only bless Sonu who has given a new life to his daughter. Pragya's father said, "Pragya suffered a serious injury during a road accident in February and damaged both her knees." Local doctors said that surgery is the only option and will cost around Rs 1.5 lakh. We could not afford the treatment and most of the relatives also clapped to help. 'Pragya's father said that the surgery was successful and the daughter would be discharged in two to three days. He told, "All the arrangements like train tickets were done by Sonu Sood. When we reached Delhi, the actor's team met us at the railway station and took us straight to the hospital from there.

 'Sonu Sood is like God to us. Today it is difficult to find such angels. I cannot give them anything but I can wish them a lot of blessings and good future. ' At the same time, Pragya said, 'Sonu Sood is God to me. I have decided that when I start earning, I will help the children who are deprived of education. '