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Jacqueline Fernandez in collaboration with the Foundation took up the responsibility of providing food to two villages

The India Print 2020-08-17 22:05:37

New Delhi. Good deeds often encourage others to come forward. One such recent example is that of Jacqueline Fernandez who has partnered with the 'Action Against Hunger Foundation' to nurture the villagers of Patharadi and Sakur villages in Maharashtra.

Jacqueline has partnered with the Foundation for her Palghar project and the end goal is to end malnutrition altogether, but it is a process that will take time and with the right steps and measures, it is a goal Which is achievable and Jacqueline is doing everything possible for it. Even before that, during the early stages of the epidemic, the actress has teamed up with this foundation to create awareness about malnutrition.

With the current epidemic, the situation has become worse for all and as such, the basic necessities are no less than luxury. Everyone is doing their best but instead of giving short-term solutions, Jacqueline adopts the villages and plans to make sure that they always keep smiling and never have to go through starvation.

Food will feed 1550 people
This partnership will feed 1550 people who will provide them all the nutrition they need for the next three years. Various group sessions will also be organized for this which will focus on nutrition. Also, women will also be instructed on how to take care of children after birth and children under 6 years of age will be screened under MUAC tape for malnutrition.

Seven frontline workers will also be provided training and on-the-job assistance. In addition, kitchen gardens will also be built in the village. All this will be ensured that all safety guidelines are followed and no one suffers from starvation or nutritional deficiency.

Bollywood's Miss Sunshine will be seen in this film, making every effort to improve the society and help as many people as possible. In the past too, Jacqueline has worked closely with several foundations and helped many by herself, setting an example. Apart from this, the actress will soon be seen in 'Kick 2' which has been announced recently.