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Under this manual, bureaucrats can return to administrative service even after resigning

The India Print 2020-08-18 15:56:52

The speculation of his return to the administrative service has intensified once the first Kashmiri Shah Faizal , who topped the 2009 Indian Administrative Service , broke away from politics. After resigning from the administrative service, Shah Faisal formed his own separate political party, with himself as its head. One of the biggest shocking revelations about Shah Faizal has come after the decision to step away from politics. Actually, it is being said that the resignation of Shah Faizal had not yet been accepted. That is, Shah Faizal is still a part of the Indian Administrative Service. When the curtain was removed from this rule, all were in astonishment.

After this disclosure, people are now hoping that it is possible that he can return to the administrative service. However, this is not the first time that there is talk of returning to administrative service after the resignation of an officer. The current DGP of Bihar Gupteshwar Pandey has also returned to administrative service after his resignation. Gupteshwar Pandey of 1987 batch resigned from his service to contest Lok Sabha elections in 2009. It was being said that he had also talked to a major national party of the country. But he could not get the ticket in the end time. Gupteshwar Pandey took VRS to contest the election. When he could not contest the election, he recommended the cancellation of VRS, which was accepted. Currently, Gupteshwar Pandey is the DGP of Bihar and is often in the news.

Similarly, Suresh Kumar, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Punjab, resigned but later he also returned back to the administrative service. One thing we can understand from all these examples is that the job of bureaucrats remains safe even after resigning. In the case of Shah Faizal, it is being said that his resignation has not been accepted yet because he has not yet responded to the show cause notice. He was issued a show cause notice in June 2018 before Faizal resigned. After the resignation of Shah Faizal, it was postponed until the disposal of the show cause notice. If Shah Faizal wants to return to the administrative service again, he must first answer the show cause notice. Only then can his resignation be considered.

The rules regarding bureaucrats returning to administrative service say that if there is a case of indiscipline against an officer, his resignation cannot be accepted. Secondly it is also seen that his resignation is not with any condition. Bureaucrats also have the facility that if their resignation is accepted, they can apply for withdrawal of their resignation within 90 days. Overall, we can say that the bureaucrats can return to administrative service even after resigning.