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This Woven Pineapple Basket From Target Will Bring Island Vibes Right to Your Living Room

Pop Sugar 2020-08-19 04:10:02

It's nearly impossible to leave Target without purchasing a few knickknacks that weren't on your original shopping list. The retail store always has adorable home goods and decor, and while we are in no way complaining or have any plans on stopping, we're also running out of storage space. Luckily, Target is swooping in and aiding us in our shopping and organizing endeavors with a new product — the Pineapple Shaped Water Hyacinth Woven Basket ($30), which, frankly, we're obsessed with.

The woven basket is part of the Opalhouse collection and is a stylish upgrade for any room, whether indoor or outdoor. Measuring 17 inches in height and 15 inches in width and depth, this pineapple basket offers tons of storage for random knickknacks or can be home to a beautiful plant. Additionally, it's built from water hyacinth, which allows for sturdy, durable use. Shop the woven pineapple basket ahead, or pick one up the next time you're making a Target run!