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Living at Home This Year? Turn One of These Outdoor Sheds or Tiny Homes Into Your New Dorm Room

Pop Sugar 2020-08-19 03:45:12

No matter your situation, college will look a lot different this year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you were planning to live on campus and changed your mind, have been sent home by your university amid health concerns, are feeling uncomfortable being back and are thinking of heading home yourself, or are attending a community college, living with your parents or parent is a very realistic situation. Social activities have been canceled, classes are being held online, and your personal space is . . . limited. While you can definitely redecorate your childhood bedroom to be in line with your current vibe and style, you can also get your own separate space for the backyard (hear us out).

If you have any outdoor space at home, you might want to invest in a tiny home or shed to convert into your very own at-home dorm room! These miniature homes have four walls, a roof, windows, and just enough room for a tiny desk, bed, and wall decorations. The main thing worth noting about these is that they can be very pricey, but there are some options you can take to make it work, whether that be setting up a payment plan with your parents (it will most likely be cheaper than rent for a year!), or using a chunk of your own money to invest in something you might use for the foreseeable future. And if the weather gets cold and you have a hard time keeping it warm, you can always just use it as a place to study, attend Zoom lectures, or talk on the phone with friends instead of sleep. Keep reading to shop some tiny homes/sheds now.