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The corona epidemic from where it started today crowds gathering in the pool party of the same Wuhan

The India Print 2020-08-19 17:15:30

Beijing The city's 11 million population remained under strict lockdown for more than two months after the corona virus epidemic began in Wuhan, China , but conditions are now returning to normal. The popular Manoranjan Park has a pool party for the night and the Maya Beach Water Park crowd gathering after the administration relaxed in June in Wuhan. It is noteworthy that Wuhan was the epicenter of the corona virus in China and the most deaths occurred here. Tourist sites were gradually opened after the Chinese government relaxed the restrictions.

However, precautions are still being taken to enter Wuhan's water park. People have to reserve their tickets online based on their national identity card. On entering the water park, they are required to show the green code generated from the mobile app, which monitors the movement of the person and ascertains whether they have come in contact with an infected person. The same rule is applicable in Maya Beach and Shanghai and Chongqing Water Parks.