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Every worker has the feeling that Rahul Gandhi should lead the party: Congress

The India Print 2020-08-19 17:16:07

New Delhi. In the backdrop of the claim that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, on behalf of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra , entrusted the responsibility of the party president to someone outside the Nehru-Gandhi family, the remark is a year old and every party worker It is the feeling that Rahul Gandhi should once again take the command of the Congress. The party's chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also alleged that Priyanka Gandhi's one-year-old comment was being blamed at the behest of the BJP. In fact, a recent book India Tomorrow claims that Priyanka Gandhi has supported Rahul Gandhi's point in which he said that a person outside the Gandhi family should be appointed as Congress President.

Surjewala tweeted on this, "The Nehru-Gandhi family has always tied the Congress to a thread, away from the fascination of power. In 2004, Sonia Gandhi chose party service instead of power. In 2019, Rahul Gandhi also showed the courage of conviction and resigned from the post of Congress President. "He claimed," We have a faction of media factions in Priyanka Gandhi's one year old comment (July 1, 2019). Understand the game of Ruchi (at the behest of the ruling BJP). Today is the time… to face the barbaric attack on Modi's democracy by Modi-Shah and to take it fearlessly. ”Surjewala said,“ Millions of Congress workers witness the relentless struggle and resolve of Rahul Gandhi Huh, With which he has led this fight. Neither did he care for the adversity nor the gruesome attacks of the Modi government. It is this fearlessness and indomitable courage that is needed not only by the Congress, but the country. 

When asked about the claim made in the book, Congress spokesperson Shakti Singh Gohil told reporters, "It is the greatness of the Nehru-Gandhi family that it has always placed the interests of the party and the country above personal interests." He made big sacrifices on many occasions. "He said," Today the youth and workers of the country want Rahul Gandhi to lead the Congress. But the Congress Working Committee and the All India Congress Committee have the right to take decisions in this regard.