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Football: Diletta Leotta denies fling with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Advertiser 2020-08-20 01:49:00

Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta has denied claims she is in a relationship with married football ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ibra and Diletta met during lockdown when they filmed an advert for Buddyfit – a training app and the pair were reportedly spotted at a restaurant in Sardinia together recently. Leotta is celebrating her 29th birthday on the island.

The front pages of numerous Italian newspapers splashed on wild claims about the pair’s close relationship.

Magazine Chi even went with the headline “the surprise couple of the summer” on their cover.

But the rumours have been denied by Leotta’s representatives who say there is “no relationship” between the pair.

“There is no comment to make as there is no relationship between the two apart from a professional collaboration as Ambassador of Buddyfit,” a spokesman told The Sun.

Ibrahimovic, 38, has been with wife Helena Seger, 49, for 18 years and the couple have two sons together, Maximilian and Vincent.

Leotta was dating Italian boxer Daniele Scardina, but she called time on their relationship.

Scardina recently told Tips For Women: “Diletta is the best that life has given me.

“I don’t throw myself on the ground. I am a boxer. I took a punch, she left me.

“I am in Sardinia, she ditto. But not together. Unfortunately”

The super-fit DAZN presenter can most regularly be seen on the channel’s coverage of Serie A.

In this role, she has become well-known to players and fans alike, boasting 6.8 million Instagram followers.

Ibrahimovic returned to Italy this year after a stint with LA Galaxy in the US.

The Swede is close to agreeing to a new one-year deal with AC Milan after scoring 11 times for the Italians.

— The Sun

Originally published as Presenter denies fling with married star