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Shivraj government is going to serve lies in the name of development in the by-elections to the voters- Sajjan Singh Verma

The India Print 2020-08-20 08:30:17

Bhopal. Former Madhya Pradesh cabinet minister Sajjan Singh Verma held a press conference in the state Congress office on Wednesday and targeted the Shivraj government and Jyotiraditya Scindia of the state. On the issue of guest teachers, Verma said that all of you know what is the status of teachers in the state, more than seventy thousand guest teachers of the state are protesting and agitating against the government for their petty demands, but The immature Shivraj government of the state is unable to take any concrete decision in this direction. I also want to remind Jyotiraditya Scindia that he had threatened to hit the streets of the state on the issue of regularization and salary of guest teachers. When will they land on the streets? Today, the condition of teachers in the state has become extremely bad, due to the Corona epidemic, the problem of teachers even filling their stomachs has arisen. What is the fault of the teachers who make the future of children in our state due to inflation, unemployment, economic slowdown? What is the Shivraj government punishing them? If the government can pay salaries to other employees then why not guest teachers? The teachers who contributed significantly to the foundation of the state never imagined that this would be the situation in the state.

Former Minister Verma said that most of the elderly people are getting sick due to Corona epidemic, so they are getting upset due to discontinuation of medicines from the hospital. Elder pension holders had to be registered in other hospitals including in the district hospital, after which they were given medicines after examination, since the Shivraj government came to power, they left them on their own instead of being the support of the elderly. An annual budget of about ₹ 5000 crores has been allocated by the government for this scheme, which has been closed by the Shivraj government for the last 5 months, as well as the creation of pension cards in the current financial year, which stopped pension holders in hospitals Is not being registered

He went to the High Court for this, in which the court refused to obstruct the development work, but the anti-development Shivraj went to the Supreme Court and got a stay on it. By doing similar politics, Shivraj is also hindering the development of Dewas. Varma said during the press conference that the Bhopal-Indore Priority Corridor is being proposed by the Shivraj government at a cost of more than Rs 5000 crore. The four-lane road which is presently between Bhopal and Indore can be made six lane at a cost of only ₹ 1000 crores. Allocation of 500 crores for the acquisition of land is currently available with the government, including an additional Rs 500 crores and the existing road can be converted into a six lane road. The new route proposed by the government is being made to be built by the leaders of BJP and former officials from the lands purchased. I state

Former Minister Verma said that while dealing with BJP, Jyotiraditya Scindia accused the state's Kamal Nath government of ignoring development, the same, Scindia Kamal Nath government made Bhoomi Pujan of the road from Gwalior to Indore at a cost of 4000 crores. I came to do it in Shivpuri. This is a good proof that what was the opposition of Scindia for? Also, in his areas who were pro-Scindia ministers in the Kamal Nath government, the development work worth crores of rupees was done by the Kamal Nath government in a short span of 15 months. Kamal Nath had a vision for the all-round development of the state. In which he made every effort to pursue all the areas on the model of development. In areas where BJP MLAs won and even approved the development works without discrimination, the approval of flyover from LIG to Naulakha in Indore is an example of this. 

He said that in order to lure the general public by the possible candidates of BJP in the assembly seats where the by-elections are to be held, the work of misleading voters is being done by making possible plans for the development of the area. In these assembly seats, BJP candidates have made schemes worth about 35 hundred crores to the government, For which the government has just made a provision of token money of ₹ 1000. The government has no budget for these works, it is a clear indication that such a disgusting conspiracy is being done only to trick voters. Seeing the trends of the people in the by-elections, Shivraj has become aware of the government, he is seeing his defeat, so he is trying to attract the public in his favor by serving the lie of such lies. He said whether development plans are needed only on those assembly seats where by-elections are to be held? Don't the people of the rest of the state want development?

Verma targeted Scindia during the press conference, he said that Jyotiraditya Scindia, who has always been saying about his area Gwalior that this is my home, will say that I have a blood relation with the people of Gwalior. I want to ask Scindia why he did not go to his house for the last 6 months? Scindia has time to go to Bhopal, time to stay in Delhi, time to come to Indore, but time to go to his home to go to Gwalior. I would like to tell all of you that Scindia's image has become a "traitor" in her area. He has repeated his family's history of the 1857 revolution. The people of his area Gwalior are seeing him as a traitor. Scindia has not visited Gwalior for 6 months yet due to similar continuous feedback and fear of opposition from the people of her home region.